awaken the writer within.

 Maureen Ambrose is an experienced elementary teacher with a gifted endorsement. Step into Ms. Ambrose's garage, and you will see that teaching is part of her soul! She is creative, innovative and brings experience and talent to each session. 

Angie Dreyfuss is an experienced science teacher. She works with students on a variety of writing assignments. Ms. Dreyfuss teaches at St. Benedicts in Richmond City. 

 Michelle Carr can be described as enthusiastic and innovative. Currently, a middle school teacher in Hanover County, Ms. Carr is loved by her students for her dedication and high energy. 

Katelyn Crook is an experienced gifted education teacher. She worked in Hanover County Public Schools. She currently teaches part-time with Henrico County. Ms. Crook brings creativity and experience to each session. 

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"You don't have to write a book in order to reflect reality. You can also write a book to create reality." - David Levithan