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Dreamer since birth, Meghan Sheriff is excited to take her love of writing and share it with her students ages eight-eighteen.  Meghan loves words, and she deeply believes all students have an innate ability to share their story. Through hands on activities, personal reflection and honest feedback, Meghan provides students with confidence and excitement about writing. When Meghan isn't creating new lessons, she can be found at Hanover High School, on a climbing wall or camping on a mountain somewhere with her three boys. Meghan holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Spanish and a Masters in the Art of Teaching. She is a certified English teacher, and she is currently pursuing her Administrative Leadership Endorsement through James Madison University. Meghan is also a professional writer providing copy, editing, and revision to local and international organizations. 


Much like Frost, LeHew took the road less traveled, and it has made all the difference.  After five years of service in the U.S. Army, successfully completing jump school and multiple deployments overseas, LeHew landed at Auburn University.  There he studied English Lit and after a brief career in editing, he moved onto corporate America and eventually, the classroom. LeHew taught English and Reading in Richmond City for seven years, and has been a proud Moody Raider for three.  At Moody he teaches, IB English and standard English. He is also the head football coach and assistant wrestling coach.  Next year, he will pursue another passion - physical education tying his love for teaching with his love for sports.  When not in the classroom, LeHew can often be found on a sideline somewhere cheering on his two very active sons.  LeHew is certified in English, History, and Physical Education. 

All Classes Include

Personalized Approach

Critical Thinking

Valuable Feedback

Infused Grammar Activities 

‚ÄčReflection on Writing as a Process


All students have a story. 


We create goals for each student based on his or her individual wants and needs. Students meet for sixteen hours per contract. Most clients renew and stay with us throughout the school year and summer.  Classes meet once per week.


We seek to build our students' confidence on and off the page by identifying voice. Writing is personal, and when students learn techniques of the craft, confidence soars. 


With over thirty years of combined experience in the public and private sectors, we bring new ideas and innovative practices to our classes. Our teachers are all certified and highly qualified educators.